3rd International Culture Festival 2016

3rd International Culture Festival 2016

International Culture Festival is an annual event that aims to bring different cultures together in one place. It’s a one-stop event that provides an opportunity for the visitors to gain valuable insight into lifestyles, customs and traditions of various countries.

This event has a special meaning in terms of the ongoing processes in Myanmar. The country is going through a historic change and it’s essential that its culture be introduced to the world properly. Along with economic and political improvements, a great deal of work has been done in the area of restoring and developing cultural infrastructure as well. New roads and hotels have been built, historic sites have been restored so that more people can easily travel and visit those places. Proper presentation of these new changes to the world community will further help Myanmar with its broader recognition. Also, Myanmar people may have the need to experience the cultures of other countries, too.  This cultural event intends to serve this very purpose where the visitors are going to have a great chance to witness firsthand the rich culture of both Myanmar and other countries, their traditional dances, cuisine and other cultural performances. This way they will have more insight into how diverse the world is and that for a better world harmony they need to know the cultural differences and learn to respect them.

International Culture Festival is organized by Horizon International Schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Myanmar. It is open to the public and this year 46 countries are being represented through their beautifully decorated booths and performances. The countries that have diplomatic representation in Myanmar are closely working with the event organizers providing their support. In addition to this, there are special guests from some of the participating countries. Groups consisting of foreign students and their supervisors are here to represent their own countries who will be very helpful should the visitors have further questions regarding their culture.

We wholeheartedly thank the Ministry of Culture, National University of Arts and Culture (Yangon), the Embassies of the countries represented in the event, foreign students and their supervisors from neighboring countries and the organizing team of dedicated people from Horizon International Schools for their committed support to which the event owes its success.

The 2-day event started with ribbon-cutting ceremony where were present a number of dignitaries:

  1. H.E. U Sein Tin Win, Chairman of Yangon Regional Parliament
  2. H.E. Dr. Myint Thein, Minister of Social Affairs, Yangon Regional Government.
  3. H.E. Daw San San Nwe, Minister of Finance, Yangon Regional Government.
  4. H.E. U Win Mra and spouse, President of Human Rights Commission
  5. U Aung Naing Myint, Rector of National University of Arts and Culture.
  6. H.E. Mr. Sieng Bunvuth, Ambassador of Cambodia
  7. H.E. Mr. Hany Riad Moawad, Ambassador of Egypt
  8. H.E. Mr. Jaroslav Dolecek, Ambassador of Czech Republic
  9. H.E. Dr. Ito Sumerdi and spouse, Ambassador of Indonesia
  10. H.E. Mr. K.W.N.D Karunatne, Ambassador of Sri Lanka
  11. Mrs. Wang Xuehong, Spouse of Ambassador of China
  12. Mrs. Irina Pospelova, Spouse of Ambassador of Russia
  13. Mrs. Chu Quynh Chi, Spouse of Ambassador of Vietnam
  14. Mrs. Prabina Ghimire, Spouse of Ambassador of Nepal
  15. Mr. Shakil Ahmed Siddiqui, Charge d’ affaires of Pakistan
  16. Ms. Kasa Harbor, Deputy Chief of Mission of Israel
  17. Mr. Xaythavong Manichanh, 3rd Secretary of Laos Embassy
  18. U Saw Hla Tun, Former Member of Parliament
  19. Dr. Arif Gomleksiz, Chairman of Mediterranean International Education Services Co., Ltd.