Message from Horizon International Schools

Message from Horizon International Schools

We, the management of Horizon International Schools, openly condemn the attempted military coup that took place in Turkey on Friday 15th of July. The Turkish citizens who work with us have always supported democratic developments in Turkey. We hope the situation will be thoroughly investigated by responsible authorities and the instigators should be brought to justice.

We openly condemn all radical religious groups that are causing violence and sufferings around the world and would like to announce that we have absolutely no link to any of them.

We are a business entity that provides educational services to all nationalities regardless of their identities and the teaching staff is from different backgrounds and countries. As the management of this school, we do not affiliate ourselves with any organization, idea or school of thought. Our job is education and somebody’s claiming we have anything to do with ongoing political adventures is nonsensical. We totally reject any smear campaign against us in Myanmar, where our only goal is to contribute to the society in the best way we can.

Our schools were established in 2000 with the intention of providing a quality international education. At present, we have campuses across the country serving the youth of Myanmar, following internationally renowned curricula and programmes, such as Cambridge International Curriculum and IB Diploma Programme. The educational programmes are not limited within the schools, they are also given an opportunity to benefit from experiences in international arena. We prepare our students to international knowledge Olympiads and competitions, where the students of Myanmar can demonstrate their skills and knowledge internationally. We have been doing this since 2005 and we have brought back around 200 medals from the USA, Brazil, China, India, Argentina, Austria, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, Romania, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. Our students successfully performed in the competitions there, attracting a world acclaim and prestige for Myanmar.

To help the kids from other families, for many years we have been offering Summer School and Weekend Course English Language Programmes. They are relatively reasonable and we use renowned curriculum by popular publishers. Furthermore, we provide scholarship opportunities too, where depending on the intellectual and physical talents students are selected. Our IB CAS (creativity, activity, services) students have been organizing free language and subject courses to the students at orphanages, monasteries and local schools.

Apart from educating the young minds, we are actively engaged in social and cultural activities, too. We have several big events that we hold annually to appreciate the importance of mathematics, critical thinking, sports and culture. Country-wide Mathemania Puzzle Contest, Spelling Bee, Streetball Tournament, Table Tennis Open and International Culture Festival are among them. Together with the Culture Ministry, we have carried out several International Culture Festivals, where the local culture was presented to the international audience, and international culture exhibited to the local populace. This is what the Myanmar people have been actively involved in.

We have also been actively dealing with Sports Activities. We have been sponsoring and pioneering Myanmar Wrestling Federation. The federation successfully coordinated 27th SEA Games wrestling tournament and 2015 Asian Junior Wrestling tournament in Myanmar. Moreover, we sponsor Horizon Football Club that has been performing in Myanmar National League 1.

Together with the Social Ministers of Yangon and Mandalay Regions, we have been conducting several donation campaigns. We helped establish and renovate a hospice for the elderly, providing daily food and care to them. We have also reached out to the needy people around Myanmar stricken by the floods, drought and disease and distributed necessary food items.

We owe this to the dedication, commitment and hard work of both local and foreign employees. We have been conducting all aforementioned activities in accordance with Myanmar Laws and regulations, paying taxes and providing job opportunities to hundreds of Myanmar nationals.

We are committed to continuing our services to Myanmar nationals regardless of the smear campaigns and groundless accusations made by anyone.