MWITS Science Fair 2015, Bangkok-Thailand

MWITS Science Fair 2015, Bangkok-Thailand

MWITS Science Fair 2015, Bangkok-Thailand

Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (MWITS) is a school in Bangkok, Thailand funded by the government. It has been organizing an annual MWITS Science Fair since 2005 with many Thai high schools participating in the event. This year, in order to expand internationally, MWITS Science Fair 2015 invited schools from other countries for the second time including Japan, South Korea, Myanmar and more.

MWITS Science Fair 2015 was held at Mahidol Wittayanusorn School in Nakhon Pathom province, between January 27-30, 2015. MWITS invited leading schools in the ASEAN region as well as partner schools to join the event. Only Horizon International School was invited to represent Myanmar.

Si Tu Zin and Htet Myat Ko were selected to represent Horizon International School in MWITS Science Fair 2015 under guidance of our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Ali Erkoc. School team successfully presented their project called APPLICATION OF STATIC ELECTRICITY IN CLEANING AIR FROM HARMFUL GASES AND USING THE PRODUCTS AS WATER PURIFIER.

It was an honor and a privilege to have Associate Professor Dr. Khunying Sumontha Promboon, Chairperson of the Executive Board as the President of the opening ceremony. Dr. Sumontha gave a speech with the following keynotes: “What our children are going to be in the future is what we make of them. The talents they demonstrate here are the proof that they have the potential to be valuable citizens of the future. Through us, these students will emerge as good individuals that make valuable contributions to society and the future of mankind.”

MWITS Science Fair 2015 consisted of Poster presentations and oral presentations, exhibitions, science activities, Astronomy movies in 3D, Science and Math rally, cultural performances from MWITS students and international school students. Furthermore, the students, teachers, vice principals, and principals from international schools had the opportunity to visit some of Thailand’s major attractions such as Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, Wat Chaiwatthanaram, and Bang Sai Arts and Crafts Centre, located in Ayutthaya province.

We want to thank Mahidol Wittayanusorn School for organizing such a great event for the future scientists, the school administration for providing us with necessary means to participate, the teachers and student’s’ parents for their encouragement and overall support.

Ali ERKOC (Chemistry Teacher)