The 10th Horizon Streetball, 2014

The 10th Horizon Streetball, 2014

The 10th Horizon Streetball Tournament 2014, jointly organized by the Sport Ministry, Institute of Sport and Physical Education (Yangon), the Myanmar Basketball Federation and Horizon International Schools was successfully held on November 8-9, 2014 at Horizon Shu Khinn Thar Campus.

There were altogether 550 players, 9 categories and 140 teams that participated from State High Schools, International Schools and Universities around Yangon. This was one of the biggest basketball events in Myanmar.

The winners of the Horizon Streetball 2104 are as follows:

U-12 Girls
Third                 D.Y.M.S                  (HIS)
Second             L-2 Junior              (Latha 2)
First                   Unique                   (TTC)

U-12 Boys
Third                 ISM Dragon           (ISM)
Second             Dunkheads            (ISY)
First                   TSP                     (HIS)

U-14 Girls
Third                  ICE Bomb                 (BEHS 2 latha)
Second              ISPE                        (ISPE)
First                   Monstars 1               (ISM,ISY)

U-14 Boys
Third                 Bizarre                    (HIS)
Second             For the win              (ISY)
First                   Blanks                   (ISM)

U-16 Girls
Third                HKKL                      (BEHS 4 Botataung)
Second            Neon                       (BEHS 1 Alone, BEHS1 Lanmadaw, Latha 2)
First                Biltz                        (ISM,YIS)

U-16 Boys
Third                Eclipse Level 5000            (Horizon)
Second          X – Viper
First                Shock

U – 19 Boys
Third                X – Speed              (ISM, MISY)
Second           On Fire
First                Blanks

Open Age (Girls)
Third              The Lady                 (MBF)
Second          The Strom               (MBF)
First                Mingalarballas        (ISM)

U -23 (Boys)
Third              Leap
Second          Swish
First                Blank

MVP player of 2014 Horizon Streetball (Men) – Wai Yan (Blanks)
MVP player of 2014 Horizon Streetball (Women) – Whitney Lee (Mingalarballas)