Music House Comments from KG Campuses

Music House Comments from KG Campuses

In the month of July Horizon Int`l Kindergarten teachers and parents had an amazing annual program called “Music House”. To be familiar with the songs and understand how music works in teaching and learning, we sang the songs which are sung by the students in the classroom and did related activities. It was a fruitful and fun experiment for both teachers and the parents in terms of having a strong relationship between school and home. This program enabled our parents to be familiar with the tune, lyrics and movement of some songs, to sing along with their child at home, and to understand that music and movement are important parts of the curriculum.

As a Horizon family we would like to thank our parents who invested their time in a school activity and our teachers who tried very hard to put up this program. Your effort is highly appreciated.

Zehra Eskintan – Shu Khinn Thar KG

Our school celebrates music house program every year for the parents to share how we teach different methods, concepts and skills through songs. Most of our parents join our activities and enjoy as well as participate in the activity happily. We sang together, moved along with the songs and created new movements. After the program they realized that song is not just a song, they can create and learn lots of skills through a single song so they thanked us for making this the program. For us as well we are very pleased to share with our valuable parents.

Mrs Snow – PO SEIN KG

Music is one of the activities which utilizes both sides of the brain at the same time. That is why we held “Music House” program on 10th of July, 2014 at Horizon, Shwe Hinn Thar Kindergarten. The Objective of this program is to let the parents know how their children learn music and realize that music and movement are important parts of the curriculum. Our parents attended that workshop and had a great time. Parents had to learn the songs like their children and had fun with other parents. Later they told us that they could sing along with their children more and understand what we did at school.