Every year, Horizon International Schools organize some trips and entertainment programmes for her students and parents in different countries.

This year the memorable trip was in Turkey with 22 good students from 3 campuses, in Mandalay and Yangon and 3 teachers.

The aims of this trip were: having a productive and enjoyable holiday, learning about different cultures and language and encouraging our students to learn more about further studies by visiting international university campuses in Turkey.

Horizon International Schools was one of the first five schools which participated in this organization. Our schools were also chosen to be the best student group among these schools.

What did the students do during this educational trip?

The students were able to visit many tourist attractions where they could spend their time having fun, shopping, visiting historical landmarks and tasting scrumptious traditional foods of Turkey, Asia and Europe.

The students who had never even stepped foot on snow had an unforgettable skiing trip, which was a pleasant surprise for them. On the mountains of Isparta, we could see the happiness of the students in their eyes while they were playing snowball fights and making a snowman. Their excitement and happiness is obvious from the photographs.

The students also had dinner parties which were hosted by some hospitable Turkish families, which was a great opportunity to start new friendships and practice Turkish.

In addition to these, students also had the following activities:

City tours, picnics, rafting, paintball, sailing tours, boat trips, skiing center trip, raw kofte parties, birthday parties, entertainment trips,
museum visits and shopping.

Students also received a certificate of participation in this organization as they learned more about Turkish language, its rich culture and hospitable people.