Horizon International Schools (HIS) was established in 2000 and has been providing  international education to Myanmar and International students. Our schools have been serving the Myanmar society for the last 17 years. The success of our students in university entrance exams and our achievements in International Education competitions and Olympiads have proved the higher standard of our education. We have earned more than 200 medals in these competitions which is a great achievement.

Satisfaction and continuous support of our students’ parents are also proofs of high quality of our education services.

At present, we are providing world class education to more than 1400 students while giving job opportunities for more than 400 people. Some of our programs are ongoing as higher grade students are sitting for international examinations such as IGCSEs and IB Diploma Examinations. Therefore, we request all media organizations and personnel to be sensitive in reporting about our schools as their reporting could affect the education of thousands of our students, their parents’ expectations and feelings and the jobs of hundreds of our staff.

We would like to clarify few things that are being circulated in print media, online and social media.

1-Our schools and the company associated with us are not linked with any kind of illegal organizations or networks. Our sole purpose is to provide high quality education to our students. Accordingly, we are providing international Cambridge International Curriculum and IB Diploma program, both of which are well respected programs throughout the world. We are recognized both as Cambridge International School and IB World School. Any allegation against us regarding illegal activity is baseless and fabrication. We categorically reject it.

2- A foreign country’s embassy has made some false allegations about some of our former partners.  Our schools were never searched by security agencies nor any of our staff was investigated by them. We have not received any complaints from the security agencies. The news about search is totally baseless fabrication.

We strongly request all media personnel and concerned organizations not to spread false news and not to jeopardize the education of our students.

3- The Ministry of Education has reported a case against us with the Private School Registration Act. We believe this is due to a misunderstanding of the law. This law is concerned only with the schools which are providing Myanmar Local Curriculum whereas we are providing International Curriculum. We are a duly registered company with the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration and as a local Myanmar Company we are entitled to provide educational services according to the guidelines stipulated in the Myanmar National Education Law.

4-All other International Schools and Centers are operating under the same conditions. Besides, “International Education with International Curriculum” is a promoted sector of business according to the recently published notification of Myanmar Investment Commission. We are covered by this notification of the Myanmar Investment Commission. We are explaining our position to the Ministry of Education regarding their complaint and we strongly believe that they will agree with our view point.

5- Education is one of the top priorities of current Government and they care very much about the education of young generation, quality of education, the employment opportunity of Myanmar nationals and the investment of the business entrepreneurs. Accordingly, the Government is making a concerted effort to uplift and reform the education sector of the country. We strongly believe we are working for the same goals; therefore, we do not expect any action which will affect the continuity of the education of our students. We believe in rule of law and the magnanimity of our leaders. We are always ready to cooperate with the Government and work together for building a knowledge-based society.

6- We request our parents not to pay attention to the unfounded news and rumors and concentrate to the education of their children whole-heartedly.