Dear Horizon family,

We are deeply saddened to hear of the sudden loss of our dearest teacher and vice principal, Mr Hayri Karki, working at Horizon International Schools, in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Mr. Hayri became one of the favorite teachers at Mandalay campus of Horizon International Schools within very short period of time since he started his career at our school. He also proved himself to be a great person with a down-to-earth nature and with high sense of empathy and care for other people.

Words may not suffice to express our sorrow due to his passing away. It is also hard to understand the pain his family is going through at this moment.

However, we hope our sympathies and condolences will bring some consolation and peace to his wife and family.

He will be missed and be remembered in everyone’s heart and memory as somebody who tried to serve through teaching.

School Management